My name is David Avila, a lifelong Berwyn area resident.  I graduated from Morton West High School, Morton College, before receiving my Bachelors’ degree from Western Illinois University.  My wife Malisa is a nurse at MacNeal Hospital.  We plan on staying in Berwyn along with our 3 year old daughter for years to come, we love Berwyn and care about Berwyn and that is why I along with my wife have been so active and volunteered countless hours in Berwyn.

2012-12-15 14.43.12I have helped the Mayor, Robert J. Lovero organize and host bi-annual Property Tax Workshops at the VFW Hall, Liberty Cultural Center, and the Rec Center over the past seven years.  I have also with the collaboration of Mac Neal Hospital and Mayor Lovero organized a Diabetes Workshop.  Most recently, I was able to help the Mayor organize the first Berwyn Rabies/Microchip Clinic for dogs and cats at the VFW Hall parking lot.

As Legislative Director for Cook County Commissioner Edwin Reyes, I have analyzed, reviewed and written amendments to Cook County’s 3 billion dollar budget.  I have co-authored major legislation for Cook County’s existing ordinances.  I have been able to help countless citizens of Cook County appeal their property taxes and help them navigate the bureaucracy that is sometimes hard to understand.  I have also, helped seniors be able to reapply for their deserved senior exemption that must now re-apply every year due to new state legislation.  I have helped residents fill out “certificate of error”, “vacancy” and exemptions.

With the experience I have working on budget, legislation and helping the citizens of Cook County cut through the red tape.  I know I have the experience it takes to be Berwyn’s Township Assessor.    Having helped home owners with the ordones process of appealing their property taxes, I will help reform the Office the Berwyn Township Assessor.   These are some of the reasons why the Mayor of Berwyn, Robert J. Lovero has endorsed me to be the next Berwyn Township Assessor.  I hope I can count on your vote on Tuesday, February 26th.


David J. Avila

Candidate for Berwyn Township Assessor